BlogCalero World Update: New Approaches in Analytics & How to Ride and Survive the TEM Evolution

Calero World Update: New Approaches in Analytics & How to Ride and Survive the TEM Evolution

October 6, 2016, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

Written by, Scott Davis

Last week, there were two great sessions at Calero World. If you missed them, here are a few highlights.

How to Look Brilliant with InSight Analytics

Led by Larry Foster, SVP Product Strategy and Vision, Larry explained how enterprises are using InSight Analytics to make decisions across every facet of the Communications Lifecycle including telecom expenses, usage, shared services, assets, and services support. It has become a much more complex task because managing the communication lifecycle requires that you have visibility into data for everything from video, mobile, voice, WebRTC, conferencing, messaging and data services.

Self-service analytics

The paradigm shift today is that self-service analytics are now available for business managers – not just the technical analysts. So instead of having to ask more questions to get more data from a technical person, business analysts and managers in telecom today are empowered. They can eliminate those dependencies and work directly with multi-dimensional, real-time data to drive better decisions.

Calero’s InSight Analytics embeds all of the data needed by telecom managers into the solution so they don’t need to go out and gather it manually from the disparate sources. Then, instead of using a traditional spreadsheet approach, the solution organizes the data and provides an intuitive way to interact with the data. Instead of static reports that are out of date the minute they are produced, InSight Analytics enables managers to visually see cause and effect scenarios in real-time. Having this new hands-on capability with intuitive ways to interact with the data, gives telecom managers and analysts new insights to respond appropriately.

Citi Global embraces analytics

We were pleased to be joined by Calero customer, Jose Cabera, Manager of Citi Global’s Telecom Business Operations. Jose oversees 3591 global managed sites in 88 countries. They use 800,000 managed services with 69 million monthly call data records and $120 million in annual chargebacks. That is certainly a daunting task. As a loyal Calero customer for the past ten years, Jose began to implement analytics into his solution a year ago. Since then, his organization has automated the process of gathering the data they need and then, anyone that needs to, can log in and interact with the data to track performance and drive decisions. Jose says that implementing InSight Analytics has helped them better understand what they are spending as well as drives changes to optimize every aspect of Citi Global’s communications lifecycle.

This short recap is just scratching the surface of this interesting discussion. I hope you’ll watch the whole session to learn how InSight Analytics will help you be even more brilliant in your role and to drive better decisions. Watch it now.

Where is the TEM Industry Going? And What Can You do to Get There First?

This session is truly a must-watch for every telecom professional. I mean that. If you make the changes in your mindset now and embrace the current evolution in your industry, you will not only survive the changes, but will come out better than ever. 

Led by Joe Basili, Managing Director of TEMIA and Larry Foster of Calero, the session addresses the areas that are changing in the telecom industry and why your role must change. Joe sums it up with a main takeaway to all telecom mangers, “In a world where TEM programs are under siege, you must position yourself or in other words, advocate for yourself and your TEM program.

It is not all gloom and doom however. The changes in the TEM industry are actually creating a bigger pie for you instead of shrinking your span of control – that is, if you ride the wave. The market keeps growing – moving from the days of audits and call accounting, to outsourcing, mobile, MDM, EMM, MMS and now it is moving into cloud and technology solutions.  With each step as this industry evolves, the pie gets bigger, creating more opportunities for you – but you must evolve as well.

Calero World 2016

Joe re-frames how we should define TEM, “TEM helps organizations Optimize & Manage fixed-line, voice, data & wireless expenses on a single platform.”  This means that TEM is no longer just about “How much money I will save”, but rather “How can I optimize my inventory, expenses, and manage vendors, etc.?” Another big concern in the future is addressing how to maintain compliance and security – with the explosion of cyber breaches, your role will continue to expand to ensure your mobile and other devices remain secure.

The session addressed these key areas that are impacting telecom:

  • The move from CapEx to OpEx
  • FCC 2020 Mandate
  • Cloudification of Telecom
  • IoT (The Internet of Things)
  • 5G

How to evolve with the industry

Joe would like the T in TEM to become Technology. As we see telecom and IT converging, it is critical to step outside of your comfort zone and look at how the cloud and technology changes can and will change your role and responsibilities. As we look at the cloud-enabled organization, there will be new needs to manage such as:

  • On-boarding, off-boarding, entitlement management
  • Sourcing and optimization
  • Contract management
  • Asset management
  • Policy and security
  • Automation of manual processes

The cool thing about these cloud/technology needs is that there are strong parallels between your current telecom skills and responsibilities and those that are required in the cloud world. You are likely already doing these in your current telecom role and it presents an opportunity.

Joe says that in TEM, great results are not enough. Programs are often under siege and everything is at risk. However, the best defense is a great offense. Showcase your value. Remember, cost cutting never goes out of style.

There is so much more in this session. I hope you will check it out. Watch it now.

Calero World is continuing for a few more weeks. To learn about upcoming sessions, click here.

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