BlogGet ready for a new experience! Calero VeraSMART v12 is Here

Get ready for a new experience! Calero VeraSMART v12 is Here

June 22, 2017, Expense Management

By Scott Davis

Calero VeraSMART v12 brings an entirely new experience for all VeraSMART users – new interface, responsive design, attractive color scheme, stylized icons, refreshed login page and more. We worked alongside our customers to design and optimize every point of interaction to further enhance usability and improve overall productivity. The result? A refreshingly clean, simple and modern user experience that helps you work smarter and faster.

VeraSMART 12 now available

New enhancements for all VeraSMART users include:

  • Optimized on-screen real estate with collapsing header – more space to view important data
  • Multi-level side menu – accomplish critical tasks with fewer clicks. Expand and collapse menu sections as needed
  • User centric views – simply click the new user icon to access user options and roles
  • Breadcrumb navigation – always know where you are
  • New Quick Search, notifications and error messages pop up box and addition of action icons to the main menu.


See Calero VeraSMART v12 in Action

Whether you currently use Calero VeraSMART for call accounting, expense management, managed mobility services, or some combination of all three – you’ll appreciate all the features and functionality this latest version provides.  View the brief demo video below to see how Calero VeraSMART’s modular approach supports the entire communications lifecycle.


Additional enhancements include:  

  • Customers with Mobility Expense Management, Mobility Inventory and Procurement licenses will appreciate a new feature in VeraSMART v12 called Zero Usage Wireless Number Notifications. With this view, you can quickly identify wireless devices with no usage over a period of time and email a survey link to the appropriate users to determine if the device is still needed. The view automatically updates based upon their response.
  • Guided Analytics for Telecom Expense Management will help you uncover more and respond faster. With powerful, new guided InSight  Analytics, expense management customers will gain valuable real-time insight and new visibility into their full communications lifecycle. Guided analytics provide simple ways to identify solutions to issues you never knew existed and take appropriate action.

Getting Started

VeraSMART v12 is available as a complimentary self-upgrade for our premise-based customers with an active maintenance agreement. This latest release is a one-step upgrade from 9.x, 10.x and 11.x releases. Existing reports, list views, EZ-Shares and dashboards are not impacted by the upgrade.

For specific enhancements related to Call Accounting or Telecom Expense Management (TEM), download the What’s New in Calero VeraSMART v12 solution briefs.

VeraSMART v12 for Call Accounting
VeraSMART v12 for Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Or, contact us for a live demo.


Scott Davis discusses Calero VeraSMART v12