BlogSneak Peek at the New Calero PINNACLE UX

Sneak Peek at the New Calero PINNACLE UX

March 23, 2017, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

Set for release May 3rd, 2017, Calero PINNACLE 7.0 will go into general availability (meaning it’s ready for everybody). This latest update includes several exciting enhancements. Today, we will highlight PINNACLE 7.0’s newly designed user experience (UX).

  • Created side-by-side with our customers, so it’s highly focused on making your life easier
  • Designed to optimize on-screen real-estate, reduce clicks to accomplish tasks and more easily navigate within the Calero PINNACLE solution
  • Fully takes advantage of Calero InSight Analytics with a new set of guided analytics to complement the existing analytic sets
  • Sets the framework for some great future enhancements

Here are some screen peeks of what to expect from PINNACLE 7.0:

Optimized On-Screen Real-Estate

Calero Pinnacle 7.0Collapsible Side Navigation – makes it easy to take advantage of any screen size, no matter which device you’re using.

Hiding Header – similar to the main navigation, the header bar also collapses to make your content the prominent element on the screen.


Fewer Clicks for Critical Tasks

Calero Pinnacle 7.0

Simplified navigation menu optimizes the number of clicks between tasks, and allows for seamless movement within Calero PINNACLE.


Take action in the moment with Calero InSight Analytics

Calero PInnacle 7.0

  • Go far beyond static reports and dashboards to explore, analyze and interpret your communications data
  • Proprietary guided analytics provide simple ways to identify solutions to issues you never knew existed
  • Gain never-before-seen clarity into your full communications lifecycle

Stay tuned for more Calero PINNACLE UX enhancements. We’ll make a formal announcement when it’s released mid-April.

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Special Note to Calero VeraSMART users – Don’t be jealous!  You can expect a similar UX design update coming mid-2017!  Stay tuned for updates soon.