Blog4 Tips to Maximizing Your Investment in Mobility

4 Tips to Maximizing Your Investment in Mobility

September 22, 2015, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

Applying Process Methodology

Use process methodology, such as lean six sigma, to optimize mobile workflow. Lean six sigma and similar process methodologies help businesses eliminate waste, cut down on suboptimal work processes, and create a smooth system for mobility investment. A company looking to manage telecom costs does well to start by looking at their business processes before making other changes.

Exploring Integrated Solutions

Full communications lifecycle management solutions provide voice, data, and mobile solutions with one vendor, instead of spreading these critical telecommunication services across multiple vendors. Integrated solutions make it easy to manage the mobility solutions in place, identify any potential inefficiency in the system, and optimize the mobile infrastructure for employees.

Vendor Evaluation

Vendor evaluation takes time when trying to find the right full lifecycle solution, but it’s a necessary process in getting the most for the mobility investment. Things to consider when evaluating a vendor include: how long they’ve been in business, whether they’re handling similar sized businesses, and whether the functionality offers the benefits the business needs, opposed to ones that don’t align with company goals.

Cost Saving with TEM

Telecom expense management (TEM) services cast a critical eye on mobile spending and other telecommunications expenses to identify areas of inefficient spending, overspending, and other costly problems. The typical business may be wasting up to 10 percent of their communications budget and the average TEM savings could be substantial.

Mobility investment grows steadily across enterprise and SMBs, making it critically important to maximize the mobile budget. Some inefficiency is introduced due to poor processes, while others are attributed to suboptimal vendor selection or out of control telecommunications expenses. Looking into mobility investment with a holistic approach helps maximize the investment’s value.

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