Blog3 Features You Need From Your Communications Management System

3 Features You Need From Your Communications Management System

July 17, 2015, Expense Management

A communications management system can compile massive amounts of data. CDR and invoice data are collected continuously; ticketing systems are constantly logging MACD, employee and equipment updates; inventory and location changes never stop.

We know there’s big value in “big data” that requires sophisticated tools and analysis. And while there’s no telling what you’ll learn from mining your own telecom management data, chances are it will reveal trends, patterns, and actionable insights that will offer significant and strategic business benefits.

To maximize the value of the newest analytical tools and techniques available to you, keep these features in mind:

  • Customize analytics

No two businesses are exactly the same, even if they serve the same market in the same industry. Different approaches to marketing drive different returns. Companies need telecom analytics that pull out the differences. This allows greater flexibility and more in-depth analysis of performance and data discovery.

  • Visualize the communications story

It’s important to communicate insights in a comprehensive but understandable way. Tables and spreadsheets may not be the most effective way to convey the big picture to all stakeholders. Visualization makes it possible to see the big picture, notice information gaps, and improve performance. Analytics tools with powerful visualization capabilities will help you quickly gain insight into your data and make it easier to communicate this insight to managers and others who can take appropriate action.

  • Centralize all communications data

With the variety of communication channels we use today (voice, messaging, mobile, video, WebRTC), it’s important to have a management system that can bring all of this data together. This combined data can help facilitate dispute resolution and negotiations with carriers and other vendors. Having all communications data in one place gives you a full picture of your telecom activity and allows you to make smarter, well-informed decisions. Added features of new analytics tools include search engine-type functionality that allows you to search for data as you would on the web.

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