BlogCalero World Online 2019: Day 1 Recap and Highlights

Calero World Online 2019: Day 1 Recap and Highlights

September 23, 2019, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management, Mobility / Service Support, Wireless Expense Management

Calero World Online 2019 is officially off to a strong start and what a treat it’s been!  In case you missed it, don’t worry.  Here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed.  You can always watch the recording here.

Opening Remarks with Calero’s President and CEO

It all started with welcoming remarks from Calero’s President and CEO, Joe Pajer, as he provided an update on the tremendous year that Calero is having, as more and more enterprises entrust Calero as their business partner to help solve their telecom, mobility and cloud challenges.  We continue to invest in our business, our people and our technology in areas like AI, automation, machine learning and Robotic Process Automation.

Joe further stressed Calero’s ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction, which is at the core of our business. Our focus is on delivering three things – visibility, control and creating value.  First, Calero provides more visibility into inventory, contracts and invoices, and we link all associated items together and leverage automation to keep things up to date.  In other words, and as Joe put it, “We help our customers figure out what they have, and then keep that view up to date.” Secondly, we enable our customers to gain control. We provide the flexibility to build workflows and processes (i.e., placing an order, negotiating a contract, optimizing inventory, etc.).  Lastly, we accelerate the ability to create value.  From our high-powered software technology and analytics platforms, to our world class service organization, we deliver insights, expert services and best practice recommendations that enable our customers to build informed strategies to harness “the digital now.” We enable our customers to establish visibility, gain control and create value across a wide range of technologies – wireline, data, mobility, cloud, IoT, IT and software subscriptions.  And, we do this leveraging our single database architecture, automation and deep local market expertise on a global scale.

Keynote: Driving Innovation in an Era of Change

Joining Joe onstage was Greg Verdino, a renowned authority on Digital Transformation and Business Futurist. During his keynote, “Drive Innovation in an Era of Change”, Greg thrilled the audience with his fascinating presentation about how we are living in an age of exponential change with AI, IoT, augmented reality and automation. These technologies are transforming the way we work, the way we interact, and how we build relationships. We heard extreme cases of people challenging the status quo when it comes to technology – a woman seeking legal marriage with a robot and a man with a robotic clone of himself. While these examples are extreme, they demonstrate how technology is shaping and impacting our lives. When it comes to business and technology, leaders must adapt their way of thinking and challenge their assumptions – or risk going out of business.  Digital transformation is business transformation.  It’s about reinventing key areas of business and creating more value for customers and employees alike.  Customers expect that their last interaction with a particular company to set the bar for future interactions with other companies.

Q&A Panel

The session concluded with a panelist discussion around how these new technologies are impacting the areas of telecom, mobility and cloud, not just in terms of customer experience, but also employee experience.  Organizations that leverage the opportunities presented by new technologies, can increase worker productivity, engagement and satisfaction, which in turn, helps facilitate a positive customer experience.

There’s Still Time to Register.

In case you missed the opening keynote session, no worries, you can still catch it here.  Plus, we have 4 more weeks of exciting sessions, featuring a dynamic mix of topics like Robotic Process Automation, Using Mobility to Power the Best Employee Experience, Going Global with Mobile, Using TEM Best Practices for Cloud-based Subscription Services, customer success stories from NBCUniversal and Airbus, and much, much more.  Space is limited so be sure to check out the complete line up and register today.  All sessions are complimentary to attend.