BlogAnnouncing the Release of Calero PINNACLE 7.3

Announcing the Release of Calero PINNACLE 7.3

January 8, 2019, Communications Lifecycle Management

We’re excited to announce the release of Calero PINNACLE 7.3! This latest release offers new features and enhancements designed to simplify how you work and be more productive. It includes updates to standardize cloud usage data, as well as improve payments, security, job refactoring, and more. The top enhancements include:

1. Cloud Usage Processing

 IT departments use cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for many IT functions. To help our customers take advantage of discount cloud rates, we’ve standardized the process for configuring, rating, and processing cloud usage charge data.  Beginning in PINNACLE 7.3, a new standard usage type for cloud usage is available for mapping to a variety of cloud provider formats.

Calero PINNACLE’s rating engine now has the ability to process and retain the minute detail expected from a cloud usage file (cloud usage charges are expected to be numerous and very small), while aggregating like products for consolidated billing, reporting, and analysis. Although it uses the same rating engine as call rating, cloud usage differs in several ways:

  • Cloud products change daily.
  • Cloud charges are typically in huge quantities of tiny increments, which can make usage difficult to analyze due to the volume of data available.
  • All cloud usage detail is maintained in the Usage table, but usage totals are aggregated in the Rated table by Subscriber, Service, Usage Subtype, and Units.

As an example of what this will look like, a Subscriber with 1,000 usage charges for 10 different cloud products will only see 10 usage summary lines on Billing, instead of 1,000 detail lines.

Refer to the IT Billing for Cloud Usage solution sheet for more information.

2. Web Tier Replacement – ORDS and Apache Tomcat

The ORDS and Apache Tomcat combination offers a secure, cost-effective replacement for Webtier 11. The ORDS and Apache Tomcat combination is supported starting in version 7.3 and will be required in version 7.4 to access your PINNACLE application.

3. PINNACLE Jobs Reworked

Starting in version 7.3, PINNACLE jobs have been updated to provide a better user experience.

Jobs enhancements include:

  • Lightweight Jobs Increase Performance
  • Persistent Jobs Remain in Job Queue
  • Job Alerts Created from Scheduled Jobs Profile Page

If you’re a Calero PINNACLE customer and want to learn more about other feature and functionality enhancements in version 7.3, search the Knowledge Portal within your PINNACLE application, or email us at