Unified Communications & Collaboration Analytics

Visualize the entire spectrum of unified communications transaction data to improve adoption, increase ROI, monitor compliance and better support the entire organization

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Gain the ‘Big Picture’ View on How Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) Deployments Are Working

Understanding how your virtual digital workforce operates has become mission critical to manage your efforts to reduce costs, ensure compliance and facilitate proper organization-wide adoption.

The Calero Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) Analytics solution allows you to gain the ‘big picture’ view by

helping you visually consolidate the full spectrum of communication data with the goals of improving adoption, increasing ROI and control, and supporting the entire organization.

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The Calero UCC Analytics Solution Key Features & Benefits

Visualize and Explore All of your Unified Communications Data

Combine, collect, visualize and analyze all unified communications data in one insightful and secure single pane of glass. Address questions quickly, with simple and easy-to-use interactive analytics. Leverage best-in-class data discovery to realize the answers to questions you didn’t even think to consider, with intuitive, visual, drill down and free-form, web browser-like searches.


Answer Business Questions

Realize the full value of your technology investments by gaining insight to adoption trends (by type of UCC service, geography, individual or business unit) and consumption of all UCC services. Improve workforce performance and enforce communications policies by supporting lines of business with fact-based information to help change behavior and improve collaboration.


Answer Technical Questions

Use pre-configured, interactive, visual analytics to answer your most pressing questions. Right size your communication devices, services, apps and hosted subscriptions to support corporate productivity, minimize downtime and maximize collaboration and innovation. Gain newfound confidence by assessing usage and availability before, during and after a migration. Analyze traffic and quality of service issues to address bottlenecks by shaping your infrastructure, adding capacity or changing usage.


Accelerate Unified Communications Adoption

Leverage and share actionable insights found within your unified communication data to help promote the value of UCC deployments to management. Overcome the inherent human resistance to change, by using fact-based data to articulate and present how, when and where UCC solutions are being used, or not. Showcase quick wins and benefits to employees as end users, helping to accelerate interest and adoption.


Improve Workforce Performance

Leverage interactive, visual dashboards to help identify and benchmark the communications patterns of your top performers in order to create the best practice standards by which all team members can change behaviors, improve collaboration and achieve greater success.


Measure Success by Data Source

Line of Business Managers can improve workforce performance and customer satisfaction, enforce compliance and control costs by inspecting all aspect of UCC activities through messaging, conferencing, WebRTC, voice, mobile, video and email transactions by person, partner and client.

Part of a Holistic Communication Lifecycle Approach

Unified Communications & Collaboration Analytics is a key part of the Calero Communication Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach. Learn more below




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Flexible Deployment Options

Deployed in the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access

Traditional in-house deployment as on-prem option

With You Every Step of the Way

Consulting Services

With decades of experience helping organizations implement communication management solutions, Calero serves as an extension of your team that is with you every step of the way to assure you achieve predictable performance improvement.


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