Gain intuitive usage-based insights to better manage all aspects of unified communications services.

Easily Transform Raw Usage Data into Actionable Insights

Today’s IT organizations must be agile to keep pace with the ever-changing forms of communications technology. As business requirements shift from replacing legacy standalone landline voice only products to supporting anywhere/anytime/any method of always-on integrated communications and collaboration solutions, the decision-making process has

become far more collaborative, with value and impact being defined by measurable business outcomes, rather than just new IT efficiencies. As a result, organizations are now turning to usage management solutions to help automate the translation and enrichment of raw IT and unified communication data with the goal of improving business insights that support financial accountability, portfolio optimization and proactive capacity management.

Key Benefits of Managing IT and Communication Usage Data

Proactively Manage your Communications Infrastructure

  • Be in control of your communications infrastructure by establishing a central repository to track the ownership, location, configuration and inter-dependencies for all corporate assets that generate usage
  • Proactively manage the capacity, availability, and consumption for all digital and cloud services, to help reduce costs, perform competitive cost plan analysis, and conduct “what-if” comparisons enabled by multiple dimensional analysis of usage
  • Predict capacity requirements by analyzing actual usage in order to avoid over- or under- provisioning to internal, cloud-based, carrier, and other digital services as well as corresponding issues with service quality and costs

Improve Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Save significant time answering a broad range of questions about usage and costs that arise regularly from across the organization by providing intuitive secure portal insight to all managers
  • Improve employee productivity by analyzing how employees leverage the various types of services and conducting “what/when/how heuristics” to determine how actions correlate to both productive, and non-productive outcomes
  • Operate your communication infrastructure and various digital services more intelligently by collecting essential information to identify and isolate relevant, irrelevant, non-compliant and potential fraudulent usage

Leverage Actionable InSights for Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Strategically improve communications and overall operations by accessing the proper types of business intelligence
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources, combining the data elements to generate specific actionable business intelligence. Ensure the right people get the right ownership, usage and cost information at the right time
  • Leverage analytics to provide multiple perspectives on financial information from aggregate summary to drill-down detailed usage records. Assign usage activities and costs to specific projects or clients for the various types of usage and chargeback paradigms

Quantify and Apply Costs Based on Actual Usage

  • Identify, quantify and apply equitable costs of your corporate technology services based on actual usage
  • Enrich the raw usage data streams with organizational data to apportion those costs across the organization’s reporting hierarchy (e.g., individual, cost center, department, division, region, etc.)
  • Improve the bottom line via transparent cost accountability by providing management secure portal insight into ownership, consumption and charges related to all services

Usage Management Solutions

Call Accounting & Reporting

Track usage across wireline and wireless services across the organization, and assign costs to the appropriate customers and cost centers.

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Unified Communications & Collaboration Analytics

Visualize the entire spectrum of unified communications transaction data to improve adoption, increase ROI, monitor compliance and better support the entire organization

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A core process within the Calero CLM approach, managing usage is often used in conjunction with the processes below


Communications lifecycle management

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