Strategic Consulting Services

Expert consulting in global communications management

Reduce costs and gain better visibility into your entire communications estate with Calero’s Strategic Consulting Services.

Telecom is highly complex. Managing telecom contracts across borders can be even more difficult, especially when multiple carriers, tariff plans, and varying rate structures are involved. Without proper knowledge of local carriers, governances, and business operations, it can be challenging for any organization to navigate – that’s where Calero helps.

Every day, many organizations rely on Calero to help

them manage and optimize their telecom and IT communications spend. With offices across North America and Europe, you’ll not only benefit from the experienced, in-region expertise that Calero provides, you’ll also gain more visibility across your communications estate while driving greater transparency and accountability throughout your organization. Learn more.

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Calero Strategic Consulting Key Features:

Better Visibility & Control

Gain more visibility into your current communications, including inventory, usage, and contracts – all will be linked together within our technology platform. And with powerful data discovery and visualization tools embedded into your application, you’ll find never-before-seen insights from individual countries, to a single, consolidated view across the globe – and everything in-between.

Auditing & Sourcing

Our consultants will provide an in-depth, 360-degree analysis of your current telecommunications environment, giving you greater transparency and insight into areas that require optimization and assistance within the optimization process, as well as support and advise in (re)negotiating contracts.

Spend Analysis: Short, Mid & Long-Term Savings

With more visibility into your current environment, we will be able to identify savings opportunities. The savings achieved in the short term, such as refunds and credits, are clarified immediately. End-user and management reports usage optimization lead to more effective communication, which in turn leads to savings in the mid-term. In the long term, we provide active support in re-negotiating current and new contracts, right-sizing of inventory and technology assessment.

Experts in Optimization, Benchmarking & Contract Negotiations

When it comes to negotiating contracts, establishing benchmarks and optimizing costs, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work. The Calero team of in-market experts will work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your communications providers.  Our consultants are independent and are not affiliated with any carrier. This enables us to remain objective in negotiating contracts on your behalf.

Support Your Stakeholders

Support your organization with fast, effective, usage-based shared services chargeback capabilities. Drive greater transparency and accountability by easily sharing the costs of communication services, promoting increased engagement, and improving employee self-governance. Feel confident knowing that you are putting the right assets, services, and support in place to enhance employee productivity and enabling competitive advantage.

The Calero CLM approach

Part of a Holistic Communications Lifecycle Approach

Supporting organizations, both large multi-national and regionally focused, is at the core of the Calero’s Communications and Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach. Learn more about the processes and solutions by clicking below.

Communications lifecycle management