Service Support

Outsourced Mobility Management and Helpdesk

Reduce Demands on Your Staff by Leveraging Newfound Automation and Outsourced Services to Support the Full Mobile Lifecycle

Service support is for organizations who are interested in reducing operational costs while simultaneously improving service level quality for an ever increasing spectrum of mobile network services and devices. Through a comprehensive and integrated

combination of software and services, Calero covers everything mobile, from ordering devices, configuration, deployment, support and expense management, to cancelling contracts and recycling devices when employees leave.

Key Benefits of Service Support

Key Benefits of Service Support

Achieve Enhanced Control & Visibility

  • Gain an up-to-date and holistic view of your mobile program by integrating directly with wireless carriers.
  • Ensure compliance and security across the entire organization, by activating and enforcing your mobile policy.
  • Gain knowledge and comprehensive insight by integrating all business processes and workflows.

Simplify Procurement & Reduce Costs

  • Support the organization with centralized procurement to help end users purchase, provision and activate devices, network services, applications, and accessories.
  • Enable organization-wide self-serve device and service ordering to reduce labor and free up time for strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce costs by managing mobile expense via automated invoice processing and optimization of bills.

Prepare & Deploy with Confidence

  • Uniquely configure each device for your business and, more importantly, each specific end user correctly the first time, speeding connectivity and reducing down time and support costs.
  • Know with certainty that that devices are where they need to be, when they need to be there.
  • Centralized packaging and shipment of devices that are ready to work out of the box.

Access The Mobility Experts – On Your Terms

  • Supports end users with dedicated, go-to expert resources, as well as self-serve solutions, for all mobile hardware, software and carrier-related issues.
  • Stay up and running 24/7 with always-on mobility help-desk and support.
  • Leverage flexible engagement options with service and support that is just a phone call, a chat or an email away.

Prepare & Deploy Service Support

Service Support Solutions

Managed Mobility Services

Support and optimize everything mobile — from ordering devices, configuration, and deployment, to support and expense management, recycling devices and security.
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Wireless Expense Management

Rein in the complexity of managing today’s mobile enterprise by turning insight into action with solutions focused on reducing costs while properly managing assets, services and usage.

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Service Support is a core process in the Calero CLM approach. Explore details about other processes below.





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