Telecom Expense Management

Reduce costs while driving complete control and visibility

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Optimize and Manage Telecom Expenses
(across voice, data and mobile) on a Single Platform

The Calero Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution helps organizations manage fixed-line voice, data and wireless expenses on a single platform. This allows you to holistically simplify the management of your communication services with a focus on optimizing your service costs,

centralizing your asset database for improved inventory management, enhancing services and vendor management, improving regulatory compliance, and ultimately helping you get more from your existing infrastructure.

Learn more about the benefits of expense management.

Introducing TrueSense™

TrueSense™ allows you to search and analyze product and service rates in our powerful, anonymized database.

Now you can compare prices against industry benchmarks to bring clarity to the complexity of regional and carrier-specific fluctuations.

Calero Telecom Expense Management Key Features

Invoice Processing

Automate the processing and payment of paper or electronic invoices, including: loading, allocation of charges, approval for payment, the audit function with accounts payable, and bill payment business operations, as well as support for external financial systems integration.

Invoice Optimization and Audit

Analyze your contract rates and compare with detailed usage records to identify and manage cost variances and issues associated with voice, data and mobile usage permissions, automatically notifying you of opportunities for dispute and recovery.

Shared Services Management

Support internal stakeholders, and simplify the management of central shared services spend by automating cost allocation and internal chargebacks for IT and communication spend, driving a clear and transparent budgeting and costing approach, based on actual usage, which is accurate, equitable and predictable. Learn More

Global Approach with Local Expertise

With offices, team members and data-centers in multiple regions, you’ll feel confident knowing your data is protected and compliant with in-region rules and regulations. Learn more


Better manage  the process of filing disputes with carriers, to help ensure the recovery of credits and the management of short-pay decisions, helping you optimize expenditures and improve cash flow.

Ordering and Provisioning

Simplify the commissioning and deployment of telecommunication carrier network services and mobile assets, based on negotiated and variable rates and support for user profiles, drawing on service catalogs, structured workflows and authorizations.


Centralize your asset database; asset management process from requisition through distribution, warranty management, replacement and retirement; purchase tracking from requisition through receipt and distribution; as well as cost center assignment. Learn More

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Explore and analyze your telecom expense management data with InSight Analytics, a best in class data discovery and visualization solution designed to help you turn insight into action, enabling stronger evidence-based decision making leveraging your invoice data, inventory and process management data.  Learn More


Part of a Holistic Communications Lifecycle Approach

Managing expenses is often a starting point for organizations interested in properly controlling and gaining visibility into the full spectrum of communications services and assets. Learn more about other process & solution by clicking below.



Communications lifecycle management

Flexible Deployment Options

Traditional in-house deployment as on-prem option

Deployed in the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for full-service implementation

With You Every Step of the Way

Consulting Services

With decades of experience helping organizations implement communication management solutions, Calero serves as an extension of your team that is with you every step of the way to assure you achieve predictable performance improvement.


Calero’s long list of certifications reflects our commitment to technological innovation and excellence in customer service. Learn More

Lean Six Sigma Process

Our service-based culture, built with lean SIX SIGMA approaches, puts an unmatched discipline in place to support your organization with continuous improvements and predictable service level agreements. Learn More

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