IT, Mobile and Telecom Expense Management

Reduce Costs While Driving Complete Control and Visibility

As a key process within the Calero CLM approach, managing expenses is often a starting point for organizations who are most interested in properly managing and gaining

visibility into their communications services and assets with common goals of cutting costs, increasing productivity and extracting more from their existing IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Expense Management

Reduce Costs & Streamline Operations

  • Optimize and reduce the cost of network assets and carrier services. Increase negotiation power with vendors.
  • Leverage newfound automation and services to reduce the demands on staff and allow them to focus on strategic core competencies.
  • Track the distribution and use of communication assets, subscriptions and utilization of cloud and digital services.

Drive Transparency & Accountability

  • Automatically allocate expense to cost centers or individuals.
  • Easily share the costs of communication services, promoting increased engagement and responsiveness in governing services/devices.
  • Support the organization with fast, effective usage-based shared services chargeback.

Key Benefits of Expense Management

Drive Business Value with Visibility & Insight

Drive Business Value with Visibility & Insight

  • Enable real-time, multi-dimensional analysis of contracted services and assets by unifying costs, configuration, inter-relationships, geography and ownership, in one integrated solution.
  • Answer questions you didn’t even know to ask. Empower stronger evidence-based decision making.
  • Explore and analyze all your data across the entire organization. Place knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively.

Reduce Risk Across the Organization

  • Assure corporate business policy and regulatory compliance across the organization.
  • Identify and resolve billing errors. Eliminate fraud and unauthorized charges.
  • Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting.

Expense Management Solutions

Telecom Expense Management

Reduce costs while driving complete control and visibility with automated invoice processing & visual analytics to enable action based decision making. Learn More

IT Expense Management

Apply structured processes born from Telecom Expense Management to other IT services including Cloud licenses, data center facility charges, and eliminate erroneous billing, right sizing capacity against usage, consolidating vendors and renegotiating existing contracts. Learn More

Wireless Expense Management

Rein in the complexity of managing today’s mobile enterprise by turning insight into action with solutions focused on reducing costs while properly managing assets, services and usage. Learn More

Expense Management is a core process within the Calero CLM approach. Explore details about additional processes below.


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