Centralize and manage fixed-line telecom, mobile and digital assets

Real-Time Insight into Asset Inventory, Capacity and Supplier Performance

The proper management of fixed-line telecom, mobile, and digital assets is one of the most important ways to reduce costs, minimize security and fraud risks and effectively manage capacity, availability as well as automate chargebacks across the organization.

IT and Telecom professionals have turned to solutions that can help automate and centralize the management of these ever evolving asset types, allowing the ability and flexibility to effectively increase visibility, automate processes, and drive business value throughout the organization.

Key Benefits of Managing Assets

Increase Asset Visibility and Accuracy

  • Create a centralized single source of truth to manage the inventory of all hardware, software license and digital assets.
  • Increase organization-wide accuracy through real-time asset tracking.
  • Automate the full lifecycle management of asset accountability from requisition through retirement.


Optimize Inventory & Costs

  • Manage on-hand and reserved inventory with newfound insights into capacity, availability, status, cost and ownership.
  • Control inventory discrepancies by establishing an audit trail on adjustments made for items that are damaged, stolen, lost or miscounted.
  • Optimize the cost of doing business, by providing an automated structure for procuring, distributing, tracking, replacing and receiving inventory items.

Key Benefits of Managing Assets

Minimize Risk Across the Organization

Minimize Risk Across the Organization

  • Associate contractual commitments and track warranties to each managed asset, inclusive of automated alerts for pending expirations.
  • Avoid legal action and potential loss of value by insuring compliance with all software licenses.
  • Avoid delays and disruptions to operations, resulting from insufficient quantities of hardware or software as a result of expired cloud subscriptions.


Drive Business Value with Visibility and Insight

  • Explore and analyze all your asset-related data across the organization, including total cost of ownership.
  • Assure favorable asset cost structure by comparing historical procurement costs to negotiate best prices, and consolidating procurement requests into bulk purchase orders.
  • Better manage vendor performance related to service delivery, issue resolution and invoicing.

Solutions That Support the Management of Assets

Telecom Expense Management

Reduce costs while driving complete control and visibility with automated invoice processing, centralized asset management & visual analytics to enable action based decision making.

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IT Expense Management

Apply structured processes born from telecom expense management to other IT services including cloud licenses and data center facility charges, thus eliminating erroneous billing, right sizing capacity against usage, consolidating vendors and renegotiating existing contracts.

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Wireless Expense Management

Rein in the complexity of managing today’s mobile enterprise by turning insight into action with solutions focused on reducing costs while properly managing assets, services and usage.

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