Communications Lifecycle Management

Communications Lifecycle Management

Bring Clarity to the Full Communications Lifecycle:
From Procurement to Payment

A solution category evolved from traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), provides total visibility across the entire communications lifecycle. Where TEM focuses primarily on expenses and invoice processing, CLM encompasses expense management, usage, assets, service support, shared services management, and all related workflows. The power of CLM is in its ability to manage all aspects of communications holistically, to understand performance in the aggregate, and the ability to demonstrate the impact on organizational performance.

Introducing the Calero CLM Approach

The Calero CLM approach supports the full spectrum of unified communication channels. Whether it’s voice, mobile, messaging, video, or beyond, you have the ability to view, manage and optimize your entire communications business holistically, moving beyond just the traditional “cost savings” value proposition of TEM. Now, in addition to expense management, you are able to derive true business value from clear visibility into the full lifecycle of your communication solutions to understand performance in the aggregate, and to demonstrate the impact on organizational performance.

Key Benefits of the Calero CLM Approach

Optimize Costs

  • Optimize and reduce the costs of all network assets and carrier services by analyzing inventory and actual usage.
  • Reduce the demands on staff by leveraging newfound workflow efficiencies, automation and services to support the full lifecycle.
  • Increase your negotiation power with voice, mobile and other unified communications vendors.

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Drive Business Value

  • Enable stronger, data-driven management decision making across the full spectrum of your communications network, not just isolated parts.
  • Explore and analyze your data across the organization, putting that knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively.
  • Provide accurate ROI metrics by tracking utilization, usage and operational performance metrics.

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Support Your Stakeholders

  • Support the organization with fast, effective, usage-based shared services chargeback capabilities.
  • Drive transparency and accountability by easily sharing the costs of communication services, promoting increased engagement and improving employee self-governance.
  • Know that you are putting the right assets, services and support in place to enhance employee productivity and competitive advantage.

Learn About Shared Services Management

The Calero CLM Approach

  • Inventory Optimization, to track hardware, software, maintenance, services and labor associated with each category of enterprise communications from procurement through retirement
  • Device and Services Retirement, allowing companies to ensure compliance and to re-deploy, recycle devices, licenses and other services


  • Invoice Processing, to handle the combination of paper, EDI, and and non-standard electronic bill formats that exist across all aspects of telecom, mobile and other unified communcation channels
  • Contact Enforcement and Disputes, which focus on finding billing errors and working with the vendors to regain corporate funds


Financial Management
  • Cost Allocation to accurately chargeback costs in a shared services model and provide visibility to end users utilizing IT services
  • Automate Payment Models that include connections to the general ledger, billing receivables and accounts receivables
  • Gain Unified Business View of service assignments, costs and support activities (and drill down by device, person, department or other cost centers)


Service Support

  • Device, Apps & Fulfillment, to ensure that employees actually received the devices, services and documents that they have been promised
  • Centralized Management of procurement, configuration, provisioning, kitting, repair, and replacement
  • Management of Mobile Applications and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions


  • Portfolio Optimization, to analyze and right-size devices, services, apps and licenses to support corporate productivity, minimize downtime and maximize collaboration and innovation
  • Collect, Analyze, and Report on all voice, unified communications and mobile usage with call accounting
  • Proactively Manage Capacity and availability requirements of communication infrastructure components



InSight Analytics
  • Take Control of All Communications data to rapidly and visually understand usage and spend, in one view, helping you to quickly get to “what’s happening” and “why”
  • Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with real-time dashboards based on 30 years of industry experience, to quickly view key performance indicators including metrics like geographic patterns, hidden spend trends, compliance risks and usage overages
  • Intuitively Root Cause Issues by drilling deeper into your data, leveraging freeform exploration – allowing you to identify issues like zero-use devices and over charge scenarios by vendor to quickly initiate disputes


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