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how ebonding benefits your enterprise

What is eBonding and How Can It Benefit Your Enterprise?

February 7, 2019, Expense Management

From outdated workflows to decentralized ordering practices, managing communications across the enterprise can be complex – and often inefficient – without some type of automation...

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regus reduces telecom spend

How Regus Approached Reducing Telecom Spend - With Phenomenal Results

November 29, 2018, Expense Management

Managing a modern technology environment can be a complex enterprise, with ever-changing trends, needs and a multitude of services providers. Understanding these trends while optimizing...

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leveraging tem for item

From TEM to ITEM: Leveraging TEM for Non-Traditional Expenses

October 25, 2018, Expense Management

As modern IT continues to evolve from traditional asset management to subscription-based management, enterprises are challenged with how to best address the onslaught of new...

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inventory management key to tem success

Why Inventory Management Is Key to TEM Success

October 18, 2018, Expense Management

By Jessica VanVorst Telecom-related assets are among the most difficult to track. Enterprises are continually purchasing equipment, software, tools, services and other technology assets, both...

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communicating it communications program value

Prove Your Worth: Communicating Your IT Communications Program Value

October 12, 2018, Expense Management, Financial Management

In the current cost-conscious business environment, everything and everyone is at risk. IT and telecom programs are continuously under siege and at risk of being...

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overcoming challenges with tem at a global scale

Overcoming the Challenges of Managing TEM on a Global Scale

October 5, 2018, Expense Management

Many multi-national enterprises are choosing to manage Telecom Expense Management (TEM) on a global scale due to the benefits that come with a centralized approach....

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Guided analytics goes deeper into data

How Guided Analytics Can Provide Deeper Visibility Into Your Data

September 27, 2018, Expense Management

By Anthony Mancuso In the era of Big Data, visibility into your data is not only empowering, it can be the difference between failure and...

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unbilled usage more common as data use surges

Unbilled Usage: Why Overages Will Become More Common and How to Avoid Them

September 13, 2018, Expense Management

By Scott Davis I want you to take a second and imagine the following scenario. Let’s say your wireless bill last month was $80,000, a...

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Which TEM company is best for you

3 Different TEM Companies: Which Option is Best for You?

August 30, 2018, Expense Management

By Scott Davis Properly managing telecom, mobile and unified communications play a key role within overall enterprise IT infrastructure. According to Gartner, telecom service spend...

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Multi-currency available in Calero VeraSMART

Announcing the Release of Calero VeraSMART 12.2

August 23, 2018, Expense Management

We’re excited to announce that Calero VeraSMART 12.2 is here. This latest release offers new features and enhancements designed to help you be more productive...

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