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Calero PINNACLE 7.2 Has Arrived

June 14, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

  We’re excited to announce the release of Calero PINNACLE 7.2. The latest version offers enhancements to invoice management, chargebacks and switch integration, among others,...

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being an IT fiduciary and the future if IT management

IT Cost Optimization Part 2: Being an IT Fiduciary and the Future of IT Management

June 7, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

Welcome to part two in our series on IT cost optimization. As promised in part one, I will examine the principles outlined in Gartner’s recent...

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Warm Wishes for Memorial Day 2018

May 24, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

This Memorial Day, we’d like to take a moment to honor all those that have served our country, and especially those that have made the...

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Top 4 In-Demand Enterprise IT Skills for 2018

May 17, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

The enterprise IT ecosystem has continued to rapidly evolve in 2018, as organizations adapt to seize new opportunities and face new challenges. The major overarching...

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Telecom – The Most Misunderstood and Neglected Strategic Corporate Asset

April 26, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

By Larry Foster Last week, I attended the AOTMP annual conference. AOTMP is a well-recognized international brand, and as the TEM industry has transformed and...

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Connected tech at Mobile World Congress 2018

Connected Tech: Our Top Takeaways From 2018 Mobile World Congress

March 8, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

It’s a wrap! The 2018 Mobile World Congress officially came to a close last week in Barcelona, Spain. And what a busy week it was...

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TEM strengthens ITFM, ITSM, ITAM solutions

How Telecom Expense Management Strengthens ITSM, ITFM and ITAM Solutions

February 22, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management, Expense Management

By Scott Davis The new era of IT requires enterprises to enable a wide variety of technology services at massive scale, which has led to...

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Transitioning to an on-demand economy

Part 3: Net Neutrality - Transitioning to Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions, an On-Demand Economy

January 26, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

In the first two parts of our net neutrality series, we took a historical look at the internet prior to net neutrality and how regulation...

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Net neutrality and the telecom industry

Part 2: Net Neutrality - How Regulation and Deregulation Have Shaped the Telecom Industry

January 18, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

By Larry Foster Regulation within the telecommunications sector is a mixed bag of sorts. Telecom has long been subjected to heavy regulation simply because market...

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Net neutrality is not a black and white issue

Part 1: Net Neutrality Is Not a Simple Black and White Issue

January 11, 2018, Communications Lifecycle Management

My daughter came home the day after the FCC repealed net neutrality and repeated what she’d heard: That we would soon be paying for online...

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