Calero World Online 2018

Call for Speakers

The world of IT communications is constantly evolving. From new communications technology to new tools, it’s imperative for communications professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Do you have research, expertise or experience to share? We invite you to apply to be a session speaker for Calero World Online 2018.

Calero World Online is a six-week educational webinar series featuring a vibrant mix of industry and product-specific sessions for customers and industry experts alike. These online sessions are designed to inform, inspire and engage, all while helping our audience achieve greater levels of performance that directly impact revenue, reduce operating costs and bring more value to their organizations.

Attendance has grown year-over-year since the inaugural event in 2015—and we are expecting record attendance around the globe in 2018—so there are many opportunities for you to build and nurture your network.

The proposal deadline is June 30, 2018. All submissions will receive a reply by July 16, 2018, to confirm if the session has been accepted, is in consideration, or has been declined.

Call for speakers Calero World Online

Session Recommendations

Throughout Calero World, our audience is looking to expand their expertise across the entire communications lifecycle in the areas of Telecom Expense Management (TEM)Mobility Managed Services (MMS)Unified Communications (UCC) and Call Accounting—to new and emerging areas like Clout and IoT.

A successful session:

  • Seeks to educate
  • Shares real-world scenarios
  • Offers measurable learning objectives

An ideal speaker is:

  • Engaging
  • Passionate about sharing expertise and experience
  • Willing to partner with the Calero team to deliver the best possible and most relevant content experience for our audience

What to Expect

  • Calero will work closely with you to create an impactful presentation. A Calero World PowerPoint template will be provided
  • Practice sessions will be held in advance of the live presentation to ensure that you are comfortable with the presentation flow and technical elements
  • As a Calero World speaker, we will promote you and your session via online, print and social channels to generate maximum attendance